About us

We are a small, diverse group of spiritual aspirants who have come together to share with you the profound transcendental literatures given by His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupāda.

We have chosen to present the pre-1978 editions of His Divine Grace’s teachings. They were approved by him, and even though there may be some editing or grammatical errors made by those who assisted the author with the transcriptions, they were generally innocent in nature. These approved presentations have brought happiness to our hearts and answered our deepest philosophical queries.

We have gotten answers to our questions such as, “Why am I here?” “Why am I suffering in so many ways?” “Where do I go when I die?” “There are so many varieties of bodies, how did I get this one?” and most importantly, “What is the purpose of human life?” We know that the answers to these questions are pure spiritual science, and not the property of any particular church or religious organization. No organization can monopolize what cannot be confined. We have observed and understood that every “choice” in this material world further embroils us within its clutches, and that what is professed to be “spiritual” is often the furthest thing from it. We want to present real choice-the option to remain in this material world or to return to our real home. We have understood that only in the human form of life can the topics of transcendence be understood, and thus, this human form is of utmost importance in our journey back to the Kingdom of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. We desire that you, too, regardless of your sectarian affiliation, may take advantage of this profound wisdom and become happy. To be happy in this extreme time of suffering and confusion is a rare jewel, and can only be found in the deepest recesses of our hearts, simultaneously invited in, and re-awakened by, the fire of transcendental purity that every word of this most sacred literature carries. What we are putting before you is Absolute Truth, as opposed to relative truth that is simply based on the erroneous assumption that we are this material body of a particular color, gender, or size. When real treasure is discovered, the only rightful thing to do is to share it with others. Please enjoy, and be happy.